Coming April 2018:

The Unique Workout with Fast Results

Opening this spring, Lagree HTX brings the workout that celebrities and athletes are obsessed with to Houston. The Lagree Fitness Method uses The Megaformer, a system of resistance and counter resistance, to place muscles under constant tension. Every move you make in one of our 45-minute classes effectively combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training.

Megaformer Coil
Transform Your Body With Megaformer Fitness
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Lagree HTX is for you if:


You're looking for the most efficient way to burn calories and build tone and strength in a minimal amount of time.


You crave a workout that constantly changes to keep you from plateauing.


You seek low-impact exercise that protects you from injury and that works for adults of all ages.


You're looking for a friendly and welcoming fitness environment.


Your goal is a longer, leaner physique.


You need an effective workout that gets you back to the office fast (and not dripping with sweat).

Find out more about the lagree fitness method at

We're Hiring!

Do you have a passion for fitness and helping others live healthier lives? Are you looking for a positive, high-energy work environment in the heart of Houston? Become a Lagree Certified Trainer for Lagree HTX. We start training in March. To be considered, just email us your resumeĢ!


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