Anna Van Delden

Founder + Instructor

I started my fitness journey when I moved to Houston to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition science. I began working at a gym as a personal trainer. Shortly after, I launched my own business in private home training and group fitness. I fell in love with helping others achieve their fitness goals.

After graduate school, I moved to Austin with my husband and new baby girl to open a healthy fast-food restaurant where I helped create the menu. I continued to train clients in their homes. Fast-forward to six months after having baby girl No. 2. I was feeling unmotivated and uninspired. My normal workout routine (two days a week of running and three of weights) had become monotonous and wasn’t giving me the results I longed for. That’s when I stumbled upon Lagree on a celebrity’s social media page. I did all my due diligence prior to taking a class. I was fascinated and intrigued by the science behind the method, but was wary because I found Pilates to be ineffective. Every Pilates class I had taken in the past was boring, and I felt like It wasn’t enough.

I tried a Lagree class in Austin and was hooked. It was nothing like I’d ever done before, a one-stop shop in 45 minutes. Cardio, core, strength, flexibility — one challenging sequence after another. I saw results going three times a week in two weeks. As a seasoned trainer, I’ve never seen results that effective or as safe. I immediately wanted to learn as much as I could about the Method and share this revolutionary workout with others. Now I’m back in my favorite city and sharing my passion with Lagree HTX!